Whose Rights?

A few weeks ago, nurses showed up for their shift at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center unaware that their life would soon be in even more danger. There was no way to tell that this patient would be different. They didn’t expect this patient to cause such terror when she was admitted. She needed urgent medical care. Unfortunately, she had bought into irrational arguments and would not consent to be tested for a highly infectious virus. Nine months into a pandemic, she refused to be tested for Covid-19. The hospital staff explained that she would be placed into a 24-hour quarantine and would receive treatment for her condition. She consented, her daughter was not pleased.

Satin Meyers, her daughter, is a member of the People’s Rights Group. This group claims to fight against government tyranny. In truth, they only value their ability to escape accountability. Satin Meyers wanted her mother to receive world-class medical treatment. She wanted her mother to get better. She didn’t care about the nurses who would be exposed. She didn’t care about the techs coming to take her mother’s blood pressure. She didn’t care about the nutrition services employees who would deliver meals to her mother. Satin Meyers only cares about her mother and her nonsense worldview.

When my mom calls me crying, it’s hard not to leap into action. But I also don’t have an army at my disposal. Satin Meyers used her connection to Ammon Bundy to terrorize thousands of people. Public health guidance like testing and mask-wearing became “this is medical kidnapping. They are holding my mother”. Armed protestors shouted “Let Grandma Out” and caused concern among many elderly patients. Unmasked angry protestors rushed the doors and threatened the safety of everyone.

How did this confrontation end? With the mother discharging herself and everyone going home. A grown woman threw a temper tantrum because her mother wasn’t happy and there were ZERO consequences.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office was called to assist hospital security staff. One of the deputies was assaulted and yet… no charges were filed. People’s Rights, my ass. This is a group of unhinged children throwing temper tantrums because they can’t understand big words.




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Teresa Nicole

Teresa Nicole


Seeking my place in the world, questing for understanding, and forever pushing the boundaries on what is possible. Writing makes me happy